Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I'm going to take this opportunity to totally brag. Today I totally reaped the benefit of weeks of Joe's hard work, and it was glorious!

I have to be completely honest with you all right now, when Joe is gone at work during the day, I use the bathroom with the door open. I don't do this because I have a fear of enclosed spaces, or because I am an exhibitionist. I do this because Tyler gets upset when he can't see me or find me. Hello, I'd love to use the bathroom by myself, but that just isn't in the cards right now.

Onward with my bragging... erm... story. This morning Tyler and I were playing in the living room, I stood up and said, "Mommy needs to go make her peeps come." (yes, I ACTUALLY said that).

Tyler: -ignores me and continues to play with his Sesame Street toy-

Me: -exit stage right, towards the bathroom-

Tyler: -realizes he's alone after 90 seconds- "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" (translation, "where are you Mommy?") and then starts crawling aimlessly in search of me.

Me: -peek my head through the door way of the bathroom- "Hi Tyler, here I am." -I wave and smile-

Tyler: -sits up, bursts into a cheek-splitting, melt-my-heart grin of recognition and relief, raises his right arm and WAVES AT ME!-

In order for you to realize how freaking cool this is, you must first know that 1) this was Tyler's very first wave ever, and 2) Joe has been working on waving with Tyler for weeks. In fact, Joe has even been correcting me ("wave to him when you say hi"). I realized that Joe was right (that's right, I said it), and have been incorporating the hand motion along with the words for the past couple days. I was super geeked when I got to witness Tyler's first wave. I felt so special... and just the teensiest little bit guilty. All of Joe's hard work, and I get the reward. Oh yeah, Mommy rules!


Irrational Dad said...

This is bullcrap on a couple levels.

1) I totally deserved to be waved to first from the little booger.

2) It's just not fair. I worked my butt off with him and you wave at him once or twice and he waves back!?!?!


Erika said...

Poor Joe...sniff sniff...but isn't it the coolest feeling in the world?

Joanna said...

Aw, isn't that great! I wish I could gain from Tim's hard work. Dalton always shares things with Tim first... Also, that is how we teach Dalton new signs, and it's so cool when you can tell they learn a new one!