Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Running Diary: Days 1 and 2

In case you don't happen to be in the know, and basically you're probably not, I've started "training" for a marathon.... *ahem* a half marathon. No, you're not at the wrong site. Yes, I'll give you time to wrap your brain around what I just said.

I've started and stopped several work-out programs in the past year to attempt to lose the baby fat and regain my formal self. All have failed miserably. Boredom, lack of energy, sleepless nights (read: Tyler), crazy nap schedules... the list of excuses is a mile long. Then one day several weeks ago I dusted a thick layer off of the treadmill and decided I'd start running/walking. Whoopee. I can't tell you how many times in the past I've done that. I was aimlessly running with no particular agenda. Probably why I get bored and quit. Then I found some article in a random magazine that had a walking "program" in which you walk fast for x number of seconds and then walk moderately for x number of seconds for a total of 20 minutes. It was fun, caught my attention. I quickly started tailoring it for walking and then for running. Before I knew it, I was running for about 20 minutes straight, and my total workout was 40 minutes long. I felt good about myself.

Then, I noticed that I was getting bored again. Yeesh... do I have a short attention span or what? In the back of my mind was a girl from my high school (translation: a now facebook friend. What? We've all got them.) who is training for a marathon. I thought to myself, "Self, if "Lacey" can do it, why can't I?". This is where I got Joe involved. I asked him to research a training schedule for me. He came through with flying colors, and in true Joe style, made me an awesome print out to follow. Sweet. What else did I need? Nothing. Just keep on training as I was, and my official training was scheduled to start on Monday, July 20th. I was a good as gold...

And then vacation came. I had every intention of running on vacation. I packed outfits, shoes, socks, sports bras.... and they all sat in my suitcase, untouched. Damn.

Anyway, my official start date was yesterday. Here's what I had to do:

Day 1: REST.

SWEET, this is my kind of exercise program. Although I didn't. I totally took the dogs for 2 walks. So I'm doing good, right?

Day 2: 1) Warm-up ~5 minutes
2) 30 minutes: Run 3, walk 2; repeat 6 times. PRE (perceived rate of exertion) 7-8 (read: kick your own ass)
3) Cool-down ~5-10 minutes

Oh, how I paid for not running on vacation. It was hard. I wanted to quit. Plus I took the dogs for a walk this morning and I have a blister on my right littlest toe. Sob. But I did it. I had to. Joe made me that nice little work sheet. AND I just knew that he'd ask me about my run when he got home from work, because I asked him to keep me accountable, so I had to do it.

What it boils down to is this: I don't want to fail again. I'm hoping by putting this out into the internet, I have to stay accountable to myself and actually finish this training program.

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Joe said...

Aweee.... you kinda make it sound like I'm a cool, smart dude.

Glad you're sticking to the schedule, even though you got a little upset at me tonight about the "tsk tsk tsk" comment I made to you ;) Keep it up, gorgeous.