Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fork in the Road

Tyler is changing on a daily basis. He is getting really close to rolling over from his belly to his back (again). For those of you who have been following our son's rush to grow up via my and Joe's blogs, you'll know that Tyler had a stint of rolling over when he was about 2 1/2 weeks old. He grew out of it when his body started weighing more than his head. Regardless, he's flirting with it again. He's minding tummy time much better these days, and pushes himself up with his chubby arms. For the last 3 days or so, he's been rocking side to side while on his tummy. He's really close to rolling over for real. He's also been scootching himself all over the place by kicking his legs. I frequently find him stuffed in the corner of his crib in the morning. I've also found him completely turned around in bed once too (I laughed out loud it was so funny).

I know that these things are important milestones for growth and development, but I find it hard to cheer for them. It's the end of an era. The end of his babyhood. Mobility marks the beginning of my son's independence. I just wish that he would stay a baby for a while longer.


Irrational Dad said...

Hrm... it's getting close to being time to baby-proof the home huh?

We don't want him sticking a spoon in a light socket (like I may have done at a very young age), do we?

Anonymous said...

OMG ... Joe ... I still have that spoon ... roflmfao

Sarah said...

* @ Joe* God no. Is that what happened to make you go all screwie? WE MUST BABY-PROOF THE HOUSE!!!!

Erin & The Boys said...

Hey Sarah! Hope you don't mind that I am following your blog. I got the address off of Joe's blog. You are welcome to follow mine. Let me know if you are interested and I'll invite you.

I love seeing you and Tyler at storytime!