Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pain in My...Gums

Tyler's been teething like crazy. That's right, I said teething, not drooling, although he's been doing a lot of that too. My beautiful baby boy has gotten 3 teeth in the last 15 days, two of which are upper molars!!! So as of yesterday Tyler has a total of 10 teeth, for any of you who have been keeping track. Needless to say, we've boarded the train to grumpy town, and it's full speed ahead.

Last night, I put Tyler to bed. Less than 5 minutes later he was crying. This is very unusual for him, normally he falls right to sleep. Joe and I each took a turn trying to comfort him, after allowing him to cry intermittently. On my second trip up the stairs, I decided to administer Tyler my (patent pending) "Pain In My Gums" Cocktail. It's a special blend consisting of a dose of Motrin, a dollop of Orajel on the offending area(s), and a kiss on the lips. Oh, the cocktail isn't complete without the follow-up of reinserting the pacifier. Works like a charm I'm telling you. Tyler took the Motrin like a champ, must be a good flavor. After I put Orajel on his gums by the upper molars he looked at me, smacked his lips, and said "ahhhhhhh". Are you freaking kidding me??? I couldn't help it, I smiled and laughed out loud. How was I blessed with such a cute kid?


Joe said...

and tonight when you gave him orajel and gave him a kiss... you told me your lips were numb. LOL hahahah.

Yeah, teething like mad since his surgery. Poor baby.

Joanna said...

I totally feel for you. We're working on 4, two of which popped through finally today. That puts us up to 8. Eegads! They're going to be big boys soon!