Friday, August 29, 2008

He’s already a man

Ugh. My child HATES shopping already. Allow me to elaborate. Today my sister, her girls, and my mom went shopping at the outlets in Fremont. We were in OshKosh looking at adorable clothes. (I practiced some extreme restraint, as I really could have spent a ton of money there but didn't.) I held an outfit up to Tyler, who was sitting in his stroller, to see how long the 9 month outfit was on him. While I was holding the outfit up to him, he PUSHED IT AWAY. It's as if he said to me, "Mom, I'm so over this shopping experience. Men don't try on clothes, we just buy them. Please move on." Grrrr. How has this trait rubbed off on him already? Who tainted my baby?

Little does he know... he's in for plenty more shopping trips. He best learn to like, nay, love it.


Joe said...

OshKosh.... Carters.... Sarah! We've got a WalMart not 4 minutes from our house!!!

hollystar said...

our tyler has grown in and out and in and out of shopping trips. but it is true about men & trying things on. i wish i could just buy a pair of jeans and know they would fit.

joe be quiet. it could be places like babystyle and baby gap. if you havent already, go check out babystyle sarah. if you're not careful joe, i will unleash all that i know of overprice baby crap that you must have on you!

Joanna said...

Isn't it funny how some of their actions seem so mature? We attribute some of the darling things they do now - movements, expressions, etc - to more "grown up" responses/ideas. I suppose it's a bit like gas smiles. I just can't help but wonder when if they are trying to telepathically tell us that what we're saying is not what they are really thinking. If only babies could talk sooner. Then it wouldn't be so darn perplexing.

OshKosh and Carters win over Walmart anytime. Yes, it is cheaper at Walmart, but the sizes are not true and the materials are not nearly the same quality! But he's just going to grow through it anyway, so we get the majority of DJ's clothes at Walmart.